• Khan Noonien Singles - Closed the cup of chocolate milk that Top Top Lel continously got trapped in, has powers to always get singles.
  • thurston - One of the oldest namefigs, presumed to be god.
  • Gippo Dudee - Owner of /s4s/, one of the oldest namefigs. He will also remind them of this, so kindly fuck off.
  • Kekt - Created The Kekington Post and established the Commonwealth of /s4s/ and [a/jp].
  • Kek - A demigod thread/user. The user incarnation was killed by lel while intoxicated.
  • scrubmaster - (Was)Gippo Dudee's biggest fan and a demigod. Creator of froge.
  • Uncle Drayton - Getter of gets and President of The Dubs Exchange, is known to go on a consecutive streaks of gets.
  • Official Wrinkle Face™ creator - The creator of Wrinkle Face. Incredibly based. So based, in fact, the figgit that created this list forgot to put him on it.
  • Captain KekProphecized the death of the first Kek thread by "the betrayal of one of the 12 Global Mods." Other prophecys have been recorded that have not yet been fulfilled. His image was hurt severely when people used his name and said/did bad/mean things. Met mot and co. at AWA.
  • eternal samefig - Replied to himself until the archive was broke and started namefigging through the process. Entered demigod status after stealing gets on other boards.


  1. Official Wrinkle Face™ creator
  2. thurston
  3. Gippo Dudee
  4. Kekt
  5. Khan Noonien Singles
  6. Kek
  7. scrubmaster
  8. Uncle Drayton
  9. eternal samefig
  10. Captain Kek
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