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Beary Pink

Beary Pink is a spin-off of Bury Pink Girl. She often likes to sit and move her legs in the air, although sometimes she waves her arm while holding her legs still. Sometimes she may even not move at all. Like Bury Pink Gril, Beary Pink loves nice things and is nice. She was created in early 2015.

Beary Pink Eating[]

Beary Pink eating is a derivative meme which was born in July 2015. It depicts the character sitting at a table with random things to eat or drink, as seen in the 4th picture in the section below.


Spread, Reception, and Legacy[]

Beary Pink has been received extremely well on [s4s], as evidenced by the vast amount of OC that exists of her. She has also made several appearances as a stuffed toy in /r9k/'s Pretty Princess Wojak meme.