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Two can

Toucan is best bird :^)



Kiwi is the best bird and can kick Toucan's ass any day

Birds are considered very important by some people, but not (that) important by others. There has been an epic ironic war about birds on {s5s} for a really long time (like, over 9000 (lol) years). Funny meme catchphrases have been used to summarise the debate, namely BANTI (Birds Are Not That Important) and BAVI (Birds Are Very Important).

Bird lore[]

Birds have been a subject of discussion on [s4s] since the bird invasion of November 2013[1][2] and the Toucan vs Kiwi conflict from the same timeframe.[3]

By 14 November hostility was being directed by sections of [s4s] towards birds.[4] The BANTI vs BAVI conflict began on 17 November 2013 when a poster called child porn star began spamming "Birds are not very important."[5] Early defenders of birds include le shit [bad word starting with n not allowed on fandom] and The Oracle of Issy Kul.[6] The Oracle of Issy Kul was the first to post "Birds are very important" on 9 December 2013.[7]

The BANTI catchphrase emerged from the conflict on 15 February 2014[8] and BAVI followed a day later.[9]

Types of Birds[]

  • Toucan
  • Kiwi
  • Iglo
  • Platypuse
  • Tit (#rude)
  • Crow
  • Ducke
  • Goose
  • Canary
  • Flufe
  • Pelican
  • Le Ruse Bird
  • Fastbird
  • Larry Bird
  • The Byrds
  • Quetzal
  • Twitter Bird
  • Doge Bird of Shibe (thanks, Doge)