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Blimp was a highly anticipated meme that debuted on September 1, 2013.


Blimp is a large, rounded yellow zeppelin with Viking oars decending from it. It is typically posted with the word "blimp" or to describe appreciation for blimp. It can also be used to bump a thread.

Marketing campaignEdit


Advertisement for blimp

A week before its September 1 debut, an intense marketing campaign began for blimp. Images with different color backgrounds and the text "September 1, prepare to meme like you've never memed before" were spammed in all threads. On September 1st at midnight a thread was created with a link to a zip file (available here) with 430 images of blimp. Blimp enjoyed much success that weekend, as users opened the zip folder and posted blimps all over /s4s/, but faded from the public conscious within a couple weeks.

Blimp creatorEdit

On September 10, the blimp creator revealed himself to also be Urist McDwarf and Gamefig.

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