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cowe is an animale meme of a pige running along a road. It was one of the first new [s4s] memes of 2015.

History  []

Elio posts the first cowe.

From the inception of [s4s] through 2014 and early 2015, the term cowe was typically used to refer to porcine creatures. However, this all changed on January 31, 2015, when obscure namefig Elio posted the first incarnation of cowe featuring an anatomically correct bovine. Within hours that same day, cowe was declared a new meme by the [s4s] community, and began to spread in popularity.

On February 8, 2015, cowe was stickied to the front page of [s4s] for the first time, receiving numerous replies. Despite a strong presence through March and April, cowe dropped off in its frequency of appearance on [s4s] in the ensuing months of early Summer, perhaps indicating an internal reconsideration among core posters concerning the true essence of cowe. However, cowe regained steam in late Summer 2015, cementing itself as an official meme of [s4s]. On November 1, 2015, cowe was referenced twice in two simultaneous stickies on the front page of [s4s].

Gavin McInnes[]

Namefig Gavin McInnes has become famous for his shenanigans partly due to his consistent presence in coweposting discussions. He is often quick to point out that cowe is a pig rather than a cowe. His comments are sometimes followed up with rebuttals that incite heated exchanges.

In late 2016, it became apparent that Gavin had begun a hiatus from posting on [s4s]. This hiatus is ongoing until further notice...though you mayyyy find Gavin in a doge thread here and there. Such begs the question: has Gavin learned his lesson that cowe is in fact COWE and not pige? Or has he simply taken the repeated correction of his uneducated statements to be acts of malice towards him, a conspiratorial charge of bullying upon the esteemed smartposters of [s4s]? We will not know unless Gavin reestablishes his notorious presence.


cowe is expected to enter into the pantheon of animales of [s4s] in the coming years.

Spin-off Memes[]