Dent in a bottle

dent in a bottle meme

Dent in a bottle (pronounced /dent in a ˈbädl/, and formally aliased 'le bottle',) is a historically archived internet phenomena fabricated explicitly by the purple palm tree men which shows an eponymous bottle which shows it's trademark and unique crater on it's unassumingly metallic frame.

Bottle Analysis

Physical Properties

This meme contains a a blue-hued canister made out of an unknown material with physical properties of metamorphism, chemical stability, radioactive intoxication, and a chemotherapeutic agent against malignant neoplasm whilst undergoing of supervision of the officials of various boards, eminent of which is 4chan. Many chemical engineers endeavored nearly an year's work of devotion and research of the study of it's physical properties and how to re-craft a new one. After dissecting and butterfingered the bottle properties (through the thought of imagination), it is revealed that the metals used in this canister is more heavier than most of the elements found in the periodontics table. In their research, they found out that the metals used is by the presumably fictitious metal called "Puss-Pussium Carbonate."

Chemical Properties

The metal used in the canister-like object has an Ultra-High Density Polyethylene (UHDPE), sturdier and more denser than that of the conventional plastic bottles/containers used in every-day modern life. UHDPE is typically translucent and flexible, however the chemical mutations of the environment forces the the metal to oxide to a more blueish tone, yet more interestingly doesn't attenuate the metal sturdiness, conductibility, hardness, or any other physical properties in the canister.

The canister also contains the elusive and eponynous element called "lulz". Further analysis is required to know such shit.

Background Analysis


memesus r us


It is believed that this bottle is the actual Banhammer of 4chan, showcased by the mods to reveal the physical appearance of the banning utility still used today. The bottle is said to be a psychical representation of space-time, the first dent was the creation [s4s] no-one has a verifiable source on what would happen if another dent is made.

Never 4get

Purple palm tree man sharing dent in a bottle with /b/.

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