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Eat Looker on the prowl.

Eat Looker is a cold meme spawned in late 2014.


Eat Looker, also known as Dillon Cody "darthtitan" Davis[1], also known as The Dilf, is an avid /r/4chan browser and ledditor extraordinaire. Denizen of the famed "Weekday Anime Call" on Skype and honorary member of the Linkin Park Mafia, candid shots of Eat Looker are often taken capturing him doing his best eat looking. Eat Looker, much to his chagrin, has his antics spread by his many admirers.

What Else Does He Do?[]

When Eat Looker isn't performing his prime duty, he can often be found playing Valve's™ Defense of the Ancients 2 (DoTA2™)[2], or Capcom's™ Ultra Street Fighter 4™[3]. He does not often participate in /s4s/ threads and instead prefers to browse old posts archived on leddit[4].