Fignewtons, or "Newfigs" are the users that are new to [s4s]. Often coming ffrom other boards, such as /q/ or /co/, they can and often do bring along good contributions to the board.

While many fignewtons seem to have a "secret club" or "seniority" complex, it is always a good idea, to remind them that everyone was at one point a fignewton, and that it's not nice to judge others/#rudeness is unacceptable.

Possibly the only bad thing about fignewtons is that some come from /b/ or /r9k/ and spam [s4s] with feels threads, raid threads, racist, anti-Semitic, "redpill" or homophobic threads. In these rare cases, it is always nice to either call them out on thier rudeness and try to set them straight, or, if that doesn't work send them back to those boards.

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