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Love youFlowre is a meme with a sad backstory. After she was kicked out of her home board, which is still unknown, she went to [s4s] to find shelter. Since [s4s] is nice board, she was welcomed with open arms after she proved she had the meme potential.

Flowre is currently happy living amongst the other memes in [s4s], however she is pursuing a role as a pogeyman in /vp/

What She Does[]

Flowre is known to interact with the users and other memes, and has plentiful amounts of OC centered around her. She is also adorable. May also know what you did(?).

She is now an official Pokemon in Clover, and has an evolution too. Flowre is a dual-type Dark/Poison with Levitate for maximum ruse. :^)

She also plays sports, and joined the 4chan Cup in Summer 2015. When it was her time to shine, she played a little too rough, and got a red card, ending her short, 20 second career. Moral of the story, Flowre should never play sports.


Florious Flowre.jpg
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flowre :^)