Froge sprite

froge sprite from the s4s game made by Gamefig

Froge was originally posted by the user scrubmaster and spammed in any and every thread with the same picture accompanied only by the word 'froge'. Later the duties were taken on by more posters until froge became an everyday topic for [s4s] users.

The classic froge image is actually a screenshot of a toy model of the alien frog Keroro from the anime Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog).

The frogeningEdit

From 8/7/13 - 8/9/13 Kekkats spammed froge on [s4s] in every thread while making his/her own froge threads making it a forced meme. After over 50 froge threads all on [s4s] at the same time and a froge picture in every board until the frogening was declared over and peace was made. Frogenings are now a common event on the board happening every month or so.


scrubmaster and Kekkats are the ones who made the ebin maymay popular. Some people namefig with names dedicated to froge.

  • kekero posts about his love for froges and has opened an imageboard dedicated to froge
  • Blue Froge is an avatarcigarette of Blue Froge aka Tamama
  • /froge/ friend does who does froge image dumps
  • Froge (uppercase F) says things about people's moms
  • froge (lowercase f) seems to be drunk


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