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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Based gods]]
* [[Based gods]]
[[Category:Board Culture]]
[[Category:Board Culture]]

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List of the Most Glorious

  • prime minister face  - Famed Creator of Kek, he made the original 6000 post thread, and is cherished by all. (see article for more)
  • Gippo Dudee - Owner of [s4s], so kindly fuck off. (see article for more)
  • Captain Kek - One of the most active namefigs on [s4s].  Saved Top Lel from chocolatey death and has a bangin hot gf that paid tribute to kek. A lot of imposters tried to steal his fame, but failed woefully.
  • scrubmaster - OC do not steal, makes OC. His most famous OC is froge, which was spammed everywhere until it became proud part of [s4s] culture. Creator of froge.
  • Cocksucker 3.0  - Never gets dubs, and never came back ;_;7. Is also made of FAIL AND AIDS, and cannot get for shit. Poor guyEveryone thinks he's dead, although he was literally just on like five minutes ago.
  • God-Emperor Leto - Lover of mugs. Founder of Ran for treasurer with Moose/Scrub during the royal elections.
  • eternal samefig - A samefig who got [s4s] the reply record on 4chan. He is also a Get hero: Confirmed for /k/17777777, /mlp/13333333, /k/18000000, /vp/13000000, /a/93555555, /a/91999999, /co/53222222, /soc/17444444, /soc/17222222, /adv/12999999, /r/11666666, /r9k/8333333, /fa/6888888, /f/2111111, /u/1444444, /e/1600000 gets and tons of quints on other boards.
  • Kekkats - Spammed froge in every thread with scrubmaster. If you make fun of him he usually just spams it in every thread until you lose interest. Noted for his 555555 get and for The frogening. Also the creator and ekidnuh.
  • Kiwi - Notable kiwi-ish  look. Well known for drowning in chocolate milk  [Deceased] 
  • Uncle Drayton - Pursuer of dubs, supporter of Moose and scrubmaster.
  • flippo woody
  • Mai - Only posts Azula for some reason.
  • moot !Ep8pui8Vw2 ## Admin - Known for lying, claiming to be the owner of /s4s/ [Deceased] 
  • mοt ## Αdmіn - The true creator of [s4s]. He combined the powers of kek, lel and dubs and put them all in one big place he named [s4s]. H then gave ownership to Gippo Dudee. There's some nerd calling himself "moot" trying to steal mot's fame. Don't listen to him. :^). Changed /s4s/ to [s4s] recently and added fortune.
  • swaglord - He is a pretty cool guy and sometimes posts in comic sans or papyruse. Also newfigs can’t orange text<
  • Official Wrinkle Face™ creator - Creator of Wrinkle Face™ and Dancing Man. Stole /fit/'s >>22222222 and /a/'s >>93000000 GET.
  • Top Lel - Top Lel  [Deceased] 
  • Kek - Kek  [Deceased] 
  • Kekt - Creator of the Commonwealth of [s4s] and [a/jp] and mod of Lupchan 
  • Sunhawk - A tripfig who originally came from /mlp/ after a horrible raid. The tripcode was leaked and everyone started to use it. One of the Sunhawks got in [s4s] and now checks dubs and CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW. (There are still multiple Sunhawks running around)
  • Espa Roba - A fig from day one.  Notoriously host[ed] pony and furry threads to half of the boards discontent, and has been known to steal a big get or two.
  • Anonymous  - Biggest namefig in the history of 4chan. He is on multiple boards at once, and doesn't ever seem to stop posting. [Deceased] [Confirmed for figgot] 
  • 名無し (pronounciation: nanashi, sometimes written nanasi) - Proud worst poster (possibly tied with Mari Makinami™), general figgot and creator of Lupchan. Also known as "chinky" "chinese characters guy", "supreme+liker+of+lolis" and "Nanasi Desu".
  • fagget - Known for posting SPAMMING IN EVERY FUCKING THREAD various chain copypastas such as "Le top lel of comedy gold" "The spooky skeleton" and "Le master trolle" repeatedly, as well as claiming quads a few times.  Also, got banned for reasons yet unkownSPAMMING SHIT EVERYWHERE, some speculate he was using a dub-checking script.  [a fagget, if it wasn't obvious before] [Banned] The ban ended after few weeks, marked his return with le top lel of comedy gold.
  • Fig Jr. - fagget's partner in crime.
  • Ananamoose™ - One of the most prolific posters, enjoys Gravity Falls and the font "Papyrus".
  • Kekkle - Very active figgit.
  • ┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. \)™ - Table-flip, also known as...
  • Mari Makinami Illustrious™ - Known for bringing quality posting to /s4s/ by claiming 500K and 600K gets. This lead to much outrage from /s4s/, as "quality" posts were interfering with much more privileged funposting. The two gets made people speculate that she was using a script. However, her reign ended when her next attempt at a get landed her at post number 700011. Never forget, people:

"At least I got doubles ;_;"

-Mari, after the "get"

  • Natsume - Avatar posts and enjoys being an alcoholic.
  • mystery - Notable getter. Got the sept get (4444444) on /ck/ for the glory of [s4s] and has achieved various quints. Is an oldfag oldfig.
  • Salah-al-Din - "Im in a coma, Im the money man, so I do the money dance" Extremely annoying namefig. [UNDERAGE B&]
  • le mr ass :---------D  - Founder of mene wrestling & [s4s]'s favorite OC maker. TURNED HEEL IM HOLLYWOOD HULK KEKKAN NOW
  • idut - A rising namefig who is known to be on the almighty [s4s] since 499 get and still does not fully understand this board and is still a newfig.
  • Phil McGraw - Pissed off many autists with his legendary phrase "Take your autism medication" Is an autist.
  • Scottsune Pizzu - Originally notable for an epic quad get. Now spams recurring OC in similar fashion to "This is a nice board". Enjoys semen and demons.
  • Bunny - Active and nice funposter who is out for the glory of [s4s].
  • Chango - Really active funposter. Has attempted many times to create epic memes but always failed miserably.
  • nigger - Posted in one thread, getting dubs 8 or 9 times in a row, as well as in many other threads. It was glorious. [Deceased] 
  • Dubking - Funposter who accidentally haunted [s4s] with blue ghosts.
  • Huekek - A namefig who named himself after the huekek meme, and has been keeping the meme alive since its founding. Also gets the exact same number of dubs as everyone else, and gave up working on a dubscript.
  • Some guy... - Friendly namefig who created the CYOA /s4s/ island map. Only get is /mlp/13599999.
  • Cirque le Jerk Man سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ.
  • croce - Top funposter. Well known, everybody love :^).
  • le shit nigger - Some figgit nobody cares about.


Constanza tells you to stop doing that

>writing your own namefig entry

lel who are you quoting

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