Huekek is a namefig who posts on /s4s/, and is named after a meme known as huekek.

The memeEdit

The huekek meme was started as a thread by Anonymous, with the text "this is new meme" as the start of the thread. There was then a short debate over the name of the meme in the thread, and "huekek" was chosen. After that, Huekek started posting as Huekek instead of Anonymous. Then, people began manipulating the picture of huekek. When someone added breasts and glasses, OP and Huekek told them to stop. After that happened the thread began to die, but then Anonymous turned huekek into a penis, and OC began again.


This is the original picture of huekek, the classic that started it all.


Ice sk8 OC

The manEdit

Huekek named himself after the meme, and is noted for keeping the huekek thread alive, and making a new one after it died. He also gets more dubs than usual, and according to a recent post about his dubs, he has begun to work on a script, though he claims he did not work on dubscripts before Jul 11. He is also a massive shitposter.

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