A great quote, and one of the last posts from this good meme. Maybe one day we can all learn from him.

Birth of "Le Man"Edit

"Le Man" began as an amazingly drawn stick figure posted by User: Anonymous.

The first recorded post which contained "Le Man" is unknown.

Le Man's Later LifeEdit

Le Man's popularity skyrocketed as he started to post more; going from 3-4 replies to his threads, to up to 20, and made some impressive OC.

Le Man's Last Posts and DeathEdit

On June 9th, 2013, Le Man posted an animated gif, in which Le Man points a gun to his head and describes how /s4s/ has been ruined by the recent change of events, and wishes it could have stayed the same.

"Le Woman" then proceeded to post an animated gif of Le Man shooting himself in the head.

The two animated gifs can be viewed below.


The last known post by "Le Man"


*WARNING: very graphic* The animated gif posted by "Le Woman" which shows Le Man committing suicide.

All An Eleborate Ruse?Edit

On the same day of Le Man's suicide, a picture was posted by User: Anonymous, showing a stick figure wearing an ananamoose mesk, who closely resembled Le Man.

Some say the suicide of Le Man was all a hoax performed by the illuminati, while others just don't care.


Is it Le Man?

Le man

check 'em in heaven, Le Man

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