Le pig shig

Le pig shig (or alternatively, le shig pig) is an epic meme feat. borky the pig immortal being with the power to summon doubles at will.


On June 15th, an anon started a thread with a picture of porky the pig giving a condescending look. In the thread, the phrase "le pig shig" was posted for the first time, and then proceeded to be posted every 5-10 minutes in the thread until the thread hit the bump limit, presumably by the same anon.  Meme experts are unsure of whether or not the anon who posted le pig shig is the OP of the thread.

The archive is gone. goodnight sweat prince ç_ç


Recently, the origin of le pig shig was discovered from this looney tunes outro. If you pause right around 0:07-0:08, you'll see it.

Thats all folks! Looney Tunes

Thats all folks! Looney Tunes

It appears that the original posting of le pig shig before finding its way to [s4s] was on a forum dedicated to YouTubePoops, currently named YouChew. The post in question can be found here.


The thread proved to be a success, GETs were gotten, much new OC was made, and pig shig proved to be a lasting meme. A little while after the first thread 404'd, a new thread was made, with more OC and pig shigging.  While never overwhelming the board, le pig shig threads appear frequently.

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