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Isn't checking dubs fun? It's probably the best part of my day. It's always been great checking 10 out of every 100 posts but recently we have been able to check 11 posts for every 100 - due to the rising popularity of 'Fore!' (87).

As great as it is having an additional check, there's no reason we can't have a check for every pair of numbers.

Original discussion.


The history of checking dubs is a long and complicated one beyond the scope of this article.

TL;DR: It started as a deconstruction of GETs used for thread derailing and general shitposting (rude funposting) on other boards, like /b/, /v/, and /a/.

The List[]

The list.

Example of the CSS in action.

The most typical thing to checks is repeating digits at the end of a post number. An abbreviated plural version of the tuple is used to refer to them, selected by the number of repeating digits. Usually this is prefixed with "nice" (as in "nice dubs") or other positive adjective. The long form is also acceptable, as in "nice doubles."

terminating digits term
XX dubs
XXX trips†⁶⁶⁶
XXXX quads
XXXXX quints
XXXXXX sexes

Rarer are when those are all zero. These are usually simply checked with the same terminology, but frequently have been checked with the term "clear" prefixed to the tuple:

terminating digits term
00 clear dubs
000 clear trips
0000 clear quads
00000 clear quints
000000 clear sexes
0000000 clear septs
00000000 clear octs
000000000 clear nons
0000000000 clear decs

Another variant is if the digits themselves match the length of the tuple, to call them "pure":

terminating digits term
22 pure dubs
333 pure trips
4444 pure quads
55555 pure quints
666666 pure sexes
7777777 pure septs
88888888 pure octs
999999999 pure nons
0000000000 pure decs

Other digit sequences that can be checked involve more convoluted checking. While the value of these integers might not appear high at first glance, deeper worth can be gleaned by more thoroughly checking the sequences.

digit pattern example term reference or explanation
AAB (B is A±1) 6345665, 6345667 offbyone kenobi missing trips or better by just one
XYX 9173686 nubs short-lived attempt to reintroduce checking when dubs were disabled on /b/; deprecated since /b/ allows dubs again
XXYY 24315533 double dubs any two sets of dubs at the end
XYXY / XYZXYZ 2813434, 4523523 fools dubs string of number repeated twice at the end
XYXYXY 7141414 fools trips string of number repeated thrice at the end
ABCD / DCBA 2811234, 2814321 cons a string of 4 or more sequential digits at the end
PPPPPPPP 12312331 prime number is a prime number; entire number must fit pattern, not just the end
VWXYZYXWV 7358537 palindrome extremely rare occurence; entire number must fit pattern, not just the end

The extended list for [s4s], for all two digit combinations, is as follows:

dgts term reference or explanation
01 firsts "first post!"
02 heads proverb: two heads are better than one
03 magic numbers Three Is a Magic Number
04 chans 4chan, where most dubs are checked
05 yu-gi-ohs King of GETs (Yami Yugi 5 GET)
06 prisoners number of the main character of The Prisoner
07 luckies usually considered a lucky number
08 crazies the card game Crazy Eights
09 love potions Love Potion No. 9
10 things i hates 10 Things I Hate About You
12 monkeys 12 Monkeys
13 bad unluckies reference to triskaidekaphobia, a rare non-"nice" checks
14 valentines Valentine's Day
15 fames 15 minutes of fame
16 tons Sixteen Tons
17 cicadas freaky cicada mating cycles
18 legals the general age of consent and age of maturity in western cultures
19 barely legals reference to pornographic materials barely meeting the adult film industry regulations concerning age
20 questions Twenty Questions
21 jump streets 21 Jump Street
23 enigmas The Number 23
24 keifers star of the 24 tv show
25 or 6 to 4s 25 or 6 to 4
26 gasoline stations Twentysix Gasoline Stations
27 clubs 27 Club
28 weeks 28 Weeks Later
29 leaps February 29th during a leap year
30 XXXs Roman numeral for 30
31 eves New Year's Eve [citation needed]
32 Xs Sega 32X
34 lewders rule 34
35 supers Super 35
36 precincts 36th Precinct
37 in a rows Clerks reference; Dante: "37! My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!" Customer: "In a row?"
38 snub noses .38 Special snubnosed revolver
39 steps The 39 Steps
40 ounces 40oz malt liquor
41 sums Sum 41
42 meaning of lifes 42 is the answer to the meaning of life in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
43 licors Licor 43
45 RPMs 45 RPM
46 chromosomes number of human chromosomes
47 ronins Forty-seven Ronin
48 hours 48 Hrs.
49 san frans San Francisco 49ers
50 splits 50/50 split; halfway point
51 CLASSIFIEDs Area 51
52 pick ups 52 Pickup
53 herbies Number of Herbie
54 46s 54-46 That's My Number
56 modems 56k was the top marketed speed of dialup modems
57 heinz's Heinz 57
58 aztec misfortunes Aztec number of misfortune
59 last minutes the last minute of a 60 minute hour
60 minutes 60 Minutes
61 cribbages points needed to win Cribbage
62 tvn launches launch of Televisora Nacional
63 genderswaps rule 63
64 nintendos Nintendo 64
65 retirements common age of retirement
67 summer of loves Summer of Love
68 back on the menu, boys! While 86 often means "removed from the menu", 68 can mean "put back"; also a reference to The Two Towers: Uglúk: "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!"
69 lewds 69
70 that shows That '70s Show
71 blackbirds Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
72 virgins Houri
73 winchesters Winchester Model 1873
74 cyclones minimum sustained windspeed for a storm to be classified as a cyclone
75 NEUs Neu! '75
76 trombones Seventy-Six Trombones
78 inverted fore! in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman (incorrectly) states that Fore! was released in '87.
79 elvises record umber of weeks at the top of the billboard chart, held by Elvis Presley
80 days Around the World in Eighty Days
81 ZXs ZX81
82 naranjitos %28mascota%29 Naranjito the orange mascot of the 1982 Spain world cup
83 gypsies Gypsy 83
84 orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four
85 cafes 85C Bakery Cafe
86 turned aways to be 86ed
87 fore! In American Psycho, Patrick Bateman (incorrectly) states that Fore! was released in '87.
89 because 7s a riddle: "Why is six afraid of seven?" "Because seven eight nine."
90 only kids remembers reference to the 1990s, popular for online lists that "Only '90s Kids Will Remember"
91 cents coins of the United States dollar under $1 add up thusly: 50¢ + 25¢ + 10¢ + 5¢ + 1¢ = 91¢
92 columbuses 1492: Conquest of Paradise
93 uniteds United Airlines Flight 93
94 ASCIIs number of printable non-whitespace characters in ASCII.
95 windows Windows 95
96 tears 96 Tears
97 hong kongs Hong Kong 97 as reviewed by the Angry Video Game Nerd
98 windows again Windows 98

And some extended variants include:

terminating digits term reference or explanation
007 bonds, james bonds code number of James Bond
255 bytes highest value of a zero indexed byte
300 le spartans number of Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae
314 irrationals approximation of π
316 stone colds Stone Cold Steve Austin reference to John 3:16
404 not founds HTTP status code for "Not Found"
420 le epin doobsplanger spliffatron blaze it lung drugs 420 (cannabis culture)
500 miles I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
619 rey mysterio Rey Mysterio
666 evil the Number of the Beast; "nice" is usually omitted, though occasionally the ironic term "nice satanic trips" is used
711 7/11s 7-Eleven
7X7 boeings Boeing jet naming convention since 1957
777 boeing trips take a trip on a Boeing!
911 steal beams "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams", a common truther phrase for the September 11 attacks
1337 & 31337 leet hackers name of leet in leet speak

Note that four digit years are so common and non-unique as to not be worth listing. Checking of years is entirely voluntary and at the discretion and decision (as to what reference to make) of the checker.


A browser extension might be created at some point. But for simplicity, a CSS stylesheet list is being utilized for now.


You can use this by clicking "Settings/Miscellaneous/Custom CSS/[Edit]" (and be sure to check off the "[X] Custom CSS" option as well):

.postInfo[id] [title^="Re"]:after {font-weight:bold;}
.postInfo[id$="01"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice firsts]"}
.postInfo[id$="02"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice heads]"}
.postInfo[id$="03"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice magic numbers]"}
.postInfo[id$="04"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice chans]"}
.postInfo[id$="05"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice yu-gi-ohs]"}
.postInfo[id$="06"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice prisoners]"}
.postInfo[id$="07"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice luckies]"}
.postInfo[id$="08"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice crazies]"}
.postInfo[id$="09"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice love potions]"}
.postInfo[id$="10"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice things i hates]"}
.postInfo[id$="11"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="12"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice monkeys]"}
.postInfo[id$="13"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [bad unluckies!]"}
.postInfo[id$="14"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice valentines]"}
.postInfo[id$="15"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice fames]"}
.postInfo[id$="16"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice tons]"}
.postInfo[id$="17"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice cicadas]"}
.postInfo[id$="18"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice legals]"}
.postInfo[id$="19"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice barely legals]"}
.postInfo[id$="20"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice questions]"}
.postInfo[id$="21"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice jump streets]"}
.postInfo[id$="22"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="23"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice enigmas]"}
.postInfo[id$="24"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice keifers]"}
.postInfo[id$="25"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice or 6 to 4s]"}
.postInfo[id$="26"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice gasoline stations]"}
.postInfo[id$="27"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice clubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="28"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice weeks]"}
.postInfo[id$="29"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice leaps]"}
.postInfo[id$="30"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice XXXs]"}
.postInfo[id$="31"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice eves]"}
.postInfo[id$="32"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice Xs]"}
.postInfo[id$="33"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="34"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice lewders]"}
.postInfo[id$="35"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice supers]"}
.postInfo[id$="36"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice precincts]"}
.postInfo[id$="37"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice in a rows]"}
.postInfo[id$="38"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice snub noses]"}
.postInfo[id$="39"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice steps]"}
.postInfo[id$="40"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice ounces]"}
.postInfo[id$="41"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice sums]"}
.postInfo[id$="42"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice meaning of lifes]"}
.postInfo[id$="43"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice licors]"}
.postInfo[id$="44"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="45"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice RPMs]"}
.postInfo[id$="46"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice chromosomes]"}
.postInfo[id$="47"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice ronins]"}
.postInfo[id$="48"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice hours]"}
.postInfo[id$="49"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice san frans]"}
.postInfo[id$="50"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice splits]"}
.postInfo[id$="51"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice CLASSIFIEDs]"}
.postInfo[id$="52"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice pick ups]"}
.postInfo[id$="53"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice herbies]"}
.postInfo[id$="54"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice 46s]"}
.postInfo[id$="55"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="56"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice modems]"}
.postInfo[id$="57"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice heinz's]"}
.postInfo[id$="58"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice aztec misfortunes]"}
.postInfo[id$="59"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice last minutes]"}
.postInfo[id$="60"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice minutes]"}
.postInfo[id$="61"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice cribbages]"}
.postInfo[id$="62"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice tvn launches]"}
.postInfo[id$="63"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice genderswaps]"}
.postInfo[id$="64"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice nintendos]"}
.postInfo[id$="65"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice retirements]"}
.postInfo[id$="66"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="67"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice summer of loves]"}
.postInfo[id$="68"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice back on the menu, boys!]"}
.postInfo[id$="69"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice lewds]"}
.postInfo[id$="70"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice that shows]"}
.postInfo[id$="71"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice blackbirds]"}
.postInfo[id$="72"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice virgins]"}
.postInfo[id$="73"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice winchesters]"}
.postInfo[id$="74"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice cyclones]"}
.postInfo[id$="75"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice NEUs]"}
.postInfo[id$="76"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice trombones]"}
.postInfo[id$="77"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="78"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice inverted fore!]"}
.postInfo[id$="79"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice elvises]"}
.postInfo[id$="80"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice days]"}
.postInfo[id$="81"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice ZXs]"}
.postInfo[id$="82"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice naranjitos]"}
.postInfo[id$="83"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice gypsies]"}
.postInfo[id$="84"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice orwells]"}
.postInfo[id$="85"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice cafes]"}
.postInfo[id$="86"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice turned aways]"}
.postInfo[id$="87"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice fore!]"}
.postInfo[id$="88"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="89"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice because 7s]"}
.postInfo[id$="90"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice only kids remembers]"}
.postInfo[id$="91"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice cents]"}
.postInfo[id$="92"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice columbuses]"}
.postInfo[id$="93"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice uniteds]"}
.postInfo[id$="94"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice ASCIIs]"}
.postInfo[id$="95"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice windows]"}
.postInfo[id$="96"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice tears]"}
.postInfo[id$="97"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice hong kongs]"}
.postInfo[id$="98"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice windows again]"}
.postInfo[id$="99"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice dubs]"}

.postInfo[id$="111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="888"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#909;content:" [nice trips!]"}
.postInfo[id$="777"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#909;content:" [nice boeing trips!]"}
.postInfo[id$="666"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f00;text-shadow:-1px -1px 2px #ff0,1px -1px 2px #ff0,-1px 1px 2px #ff0,1px 1px 2px #ff0;content:" [evil]"}

.postInfo[id$="1111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="2222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="3333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="4444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="5555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="6666"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="7777"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="8888"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="9999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#b0b;content:" [sweet quads!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="11111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="22222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="33333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="44444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="55555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="66666"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="77777"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="88888"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="99999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#d0c;content:" [amazing quints!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="111111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="222222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="333333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="444444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="555555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="666666"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="777777"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="888888"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="999999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f0a;content:" [excellent sexes!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="1111111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="2222222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="3333333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="4444444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="5555555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="6666666"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="7777777"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="8888888"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="9999999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f06;content:" [euphoric septs!!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="11111111"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="22222222"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="33333333"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="44444444"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="55555555"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="66666666"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="77777777"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="88888888"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="99999999"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f00;content:" [zomg octs!!!!!!]"}

.postInfo[id$="00"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice clear dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#909;content:" [nice clear trips!]"}
.postInfo[id$="0000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#b0b;content:" [sweet clear quads!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="00000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#d0c;content:" [amazing clear quints!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="000000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f0a;content:" [excellent clear sexes!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="0000000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f06;content:" [euphoric clear septs!!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="00000000"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f00;content:" [zomg clear octs!!!!!!]"}

.postInfo[id$="22"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice pure dubs]"}
.postInfo[id$="333"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#909;content:" [nice pure trips!]"}
.postInfo[id$="4444"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#b0b;content:" [sweet pure quads!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="55555"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#d0c;content:" [amazing pure quints!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="666666"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f0a;content:" [excellent pure sexes!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="7777777"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f06;content:" [euphoric pure septs!!!!!]"}
.postInfo[id$="88888888"] [title^="Re"]:after {color:#f00;content:" [zomg pure octs!!!!!!]"}

.postInfo[id$="110"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="221"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="332"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="443"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="554"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="665"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="776"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="887"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="998"] [title^="Re"]:after,
.postInfo[id$="112"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="223"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="334"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="445"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="556"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="667"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="778"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="889"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="001"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [offbyone kenobi]"}

.postInfo[id$="007"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice bonds, james bonds]"}
.postInfo[id$="1337"] [title^="Re"]:after, postInfo[id$="31337"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice leet hackers]"}
.postInfo[id$="255"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice bytes]"}
.postInfo[id$="300"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice le spartans!!XD]"}
.postInfo[id$="314"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice irrationals]"}
.postInfo[id$="316"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice stone colds]"}
.postInfo[id$="404"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice not founds]"}
.postInfo[id$="420"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice le epin doobsplanger spliffatron blaze it lung drugs]"}
.postInfo[id$="500"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice miles]"}
.postInfo[id$="619"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice rey mysterio]"}
.postInfo[id$="711"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice 7/11s]"}
.postInfo[id$="911"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice steal beams]"}
.postInfo[id$="707"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="717"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="727"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="737"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="747"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="757"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="767"] [title^="Re"]:after, .postInfo[id$="787"] [title^="Re"]:after, 
.postInfo[id$="797"] [title^="Re"]:after {content:" [nice boeings]"}


The complexity of the CSS selector is to allow it to work on both thread view and main view, without selecting unrelated objects.

Selects class="postInfo", the container of the post info.
Selects id="_____01", ID attribute values ending in that string.
The two in combination means it only selects for an object with both. For example, <div class="postInfo" id="pi3456701">
Selects title="Re_____", title attribute starting with that string. <a href="" title="Reply to this post"> which is the same on both main view and thread view.
Creates a virtual element where we add content.
.postInfo[id] [title^="Re"]:after
The first selector is a simplified version with a wider scope that sets some styles for all the others.