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generally daily remind :^)

mot nt moot[]

mot (NT/NOT MOOT) is le creator of s4s :^)

How to tell between i'ts the real mot and fake/non-real imposter mot (moot)[]

  1. Re-read the name. ppls says both mot and moot. its a really close call and almost impossibru to distinction but if u trly rly hard then ull' see its mot (with one/1 o/oh/owh and not two/3 double oo's) not moot. mot not moot. if u recite it out loud 2000 times a day ull soon lern. ;^)
  2. kek ur privelage

hoax or tru...(?)

ded? is mot kill? did he died? rip in peace?[]

New rumours of late have been circulating the famous blog for a while which sayings that mot has in fax dieded. photos (like the one below) call his being aliving into srs questioning... no one nos for certain knowledge if mot is ded... irregardless, if deded and/or aliving, his legocy will life on into eternally...</4

Also, ripip in peace for if/when he is/does become kill.. <3 xo ~~ alweyz on our heart

RIP IN KILL, MOT ;______; 01/10/03 - 01/26/15[]