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Mr meme is a joke that all started when an anon posted a picture of an ms paint drawing saying woow in multicolor comic sans.


Mr Meme saying his catchphrase "woow"

It was originally on discord and maybe reddit, but the meme wasn't too successful, things started growing when it was posted to 4chan's s4s board, where it gained some replies, the original creator called it mr meme, but someone seen the woow meme on 4chan and called it shpilly, so sometimes he can be called shpilly

Angery shpilly

An angry picture of Mr Meme

Science says otherwise

Mr Meme doesn't believe in mutliple genders

many pictures of mr meme were lately made and werent too popular.

Woow heil

Mr Meme as le adolf

Mr meme

just after, an anon posted a thread saying "who would win"

it has a pic of mr meme and mr mime

Mr meme pic

this pic of mr meme gained special popularity


And then someone posted this thread and mr memes friend being a gun gained popularity on /r/4chan where it instanly became a top post on the subreddit with 8000 upvotes and 92 comments and got posted to funnyjunk with 400 likes and 33 comments



at the end of the day, nearly midnight, Joe capo, who gained more than 100k views and popular brother, may i have some oats videos posted "woow" and up to this date it has over 6000 views and over 600 likes and over 100 comments since then, mr meme has been popular on [s4s]!

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