ooo is a meme resembling a duck face. It caught on and was posted to /b/ shortly after it began to flood [s4s] in ebin OC. Since then, nothing notable has happened.

Ooo vector


ooo and awoo controversyEdit

In every ooo thread, there's always an anon stating ooo is an awoo ripoff. This isn't true because ooo is a shoopable meme and awoo is just a chinese cartoon girl.

The controversy started in the April of 1945, when the Prime Minister of Australia, Lee Harvy Oswald before he was known as "El Dominator", was asked in a political interview conducted by NASA in the capital of Portugal.

The interview was supposed to be about his upcoming poll about banning Moot from [s4s], but instead began with funny and dank memes on [s4s]. Lee said that "Awoo girl is the best meme on [s4s], I think this is a bit much but it is very true." This sparked controversy over the matter as 2 months ago, in the outskirts of Moscow, his co-worker and fellow [s4s] brother, Dylan Klebold, had said that ooo is the funniest meme on the entire internet.

Many people still battle over this controversy, and a memeorial to the fallen has been built in Equestria, South Africa.

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