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Palm tree men of 4chan

Palm Tree Men are privileged folk who dedicate their lives to ensuring all posts meet their standards of quality. :^) They are the creators of many ebin memes, including fortune. There is a colored palm tree next to their name.

Green Palm Tree man[]

H1dd3n w1th1n th3 v4st exp4n53 0f Ach0ng's d4t4, th3r3 h1d35 4 gr33n p4lm tr33. What does Green Palm Tree Man do? What is his purpose? It is a mystery.

Since October 2nd, 2016, 4chan Pass users could become Green Palm Tree Men (or replace "Men" with a gender of (You)r choice) by entering since4pass in the options field.


Swaglord is a Purple Palm Tree Man who browses [s4s]. He frequently stickies threads, and changes the font into memes like comic sanse and payruse.

Red Palm Tree men[]

Red Palm Tree Men are the admins of the site. As of October 2016, there have been two Red Palm Tree Men: moot/mot and hiroyuki.