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Post peeker, also known as peeker, the peeker, peeper, peepers, PP, and peek poster, is a namefig and a meme who originally appeared on [s4s] in early October 2014. Post peeker introduced the post-peeking culture to [s4s], where one looks at other people's posts. He also created and ran one of the most successful [s4s] newspapers, the Weekly Peek, which came out regularly from early 2015 to mid-2017.

post peeker

History Edit

Post peeker made his first appearance on October 3, 2014.[1] He already made his second Post Peeking Thread on the following day.[2] A campaign to get post peeker stickied started on October 7, 2014, just a few days after the introduction of the namefig/meme[3]. These threads became a common thing until early 2015 when post peeker also started his newspaper, the Weekly Peek. In late 2014 and early 2015, post peeker also participated in stealing GETs from other boards. Post Peeking Threads and the Weekly Peek co-existed for some time, but the paper took over almost entirely by the spring of that year – the only Post Peeking Threads after February were specials[4]. Post peeker made one more non-special Post Peeking Thread in April 2015[5] and a couple of specials later that year[6][7]. In the meantime, the Weekly Peek was released on a regular basis. On June 25, 2017, post peeker released the last issue of the Weekly Peek and announced he probably would leave the board later that year[8].

Stick the Peek! Edit

Stick the Peek! was a campaign to get post peeker stickied. It ran from October 2014[3] to February 2015, ending shortly after an anonymously started cross-board post-peeking thread was stickied. Post peeker's own thread, however, didn't get stickied until June 2017, when he announced the end of the Weekly Peek[8]. One of the high points of the campaign was the release of a song "Stick the Peek (Peeking is Our Religion)", which occurred on December 21, 2014. The song also had a music video and a lyric sheet.[9] In January 2015, "Stick the Peek!" was approved as a part of the official [s4s] user rules[10].

The Weekly Peek Edit

Main article: the Weekly Peek

The Weekly Peek was a newspaper run by post peeker from January 2015 to June 2017.

Reception Edit

The namefig/meme was received very well, especially in the beginning.

Legacy Edit

Post peeker has appeared in many meme and namefig compilations, including the Greatest Possible Tactical Achievement and s4s's BEST NEW MENES. Stick the Peek! and the Weekly Peek have also made appearances in the latter compilation. Post peeker is also referenced as "peek poster" in the Native American Garden song, "Until the Rudes go Back to >>>​/​b/", which was released in early 2016[11]. swaglord made an April Fools Peek sticky on April 1, 2017, and used one of post peeker's pictures as an OP picture[12].

References Edit

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