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What is privilege?Edit

According to the completely reputable Urban Dictionary, privilege is a special right given to someone or a group of people, which is not available to others. This is a prime example of someone in need of checking their privilege. Some people cannot drink because of age, others allergies, et cetera, et cetera. IGNORE THIS CISHET SHITLORD. THE ONLY PEOPLE LITERALLY OPPRESSED ENOUGH TO SUFFER FROM THE HARSH HITLERISM OF THE PATRIARCHY ARE THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS TRANSSEXUAL-DEMISPECIES-GENDERFLUID-BODYQUEER-OTHERKIN-ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANIST. IF YOU DISAGREE YOU ARE A FEDORA AND A MEN'S RIGHT ACTIVIST. (AKA Hitler)

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How do I check my prevadladge?Edit Can be used to accurately determine your privilege.

If you have a privilege greater than 100 I highly suggest you GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE OPPRESIVE PATRIARCHAL FAGTRON (no offense).

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