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August the 19th 2013 (old record)Edit

On August the 19th 2013, [s4s] got the 4chan reply record with 4,563 replies. The record was later beaten by [s4s] (see January the 17th 2014).

For further information see the picture.

I will samefag reply to my post until 4chan dies.

An anonymous user started the samefig journey with this post. 3 days and 4,563 replies later, the thread died :^(. He is later known as eternal samefig. He was mainly supported by Kekkle and thurston. All three are [s4s] oldfigs.

January the 17th 2014 (new record)Edit

[s4s] breaks the reply record again! PDF: (or see picture)

-s4s- reply record

Never forget

The stickied thread "LETS BREAK THE REPLY RECORD" reached 11,916 direct replies and 13,519 total replies before dying at February the 18th, doubling eternal samefig's record and nearly quintupling /mlp/'s old record of 2,009 replies. It died shy of 14,000 replies in total.

The archived thread can be found here.

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