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Started by J. Jonah Jameson himself, the Tribune reported on all things spiderman [s4s]. It ran for a glorious 7 issues, started a royal election, and then suddenly died when Jonah disappeared. Jonah claimed he was coming back on October 12, but never did. The [s4s] Dispatch was created as a replacement and is still in print to this day. On April 1 the Tribune returned as a monthly memeazine. If you want to contribute to the Tribune, send your articles to s4stribune@gmail.com :^) 4 wonderful issues later, it's gone. ;_;


Jonah's Return (he's dead again tho ;_;)[]


On April 1, in celebration of [s4s]'s birthday, Jonah J. Jameson returned to [s4s] with a brilliant new issue of the [s4s] Tribune under the title "Tribune". The issue covers topics such as Ylilauta, doge, GETs and memes, and even has an interview with mot himself. His thread was kindly stickied by palm tree men. To celebrate the return of the Tribune, Jonah sent free printed copies to several as[s4s]sins (including mot and swaglord). How kind! Buttcoin donations can be sent to fund the Tribune at 1GqNzB2aNxS1DfQWKfDohYbzufsVVamPPZ. There's not much point donating when the Tribune is gone. ;_;

Jonah's Re-Death[]

On July 7, 2014, Jonah announced his retirement for reasons unknown. Near the end of the thread, he ambiguously posted "This is only the beginning." What is the future of the Tribune? Will Jonah ever return? It is a mystery.