S4s game 2

[s4s]: The Game is a computer game made by Gamefig.

Here's the latest version of my [s4s] game. The third level is now complete! Features include dubs, kek, lel, Shrek, le paranormal pig shigLe Man, Ananamoose antlers, Penn Jillette, John Hammond, and froge.

Download s4s: The Game

I've also released the source .gm81 file! If you use GameMaker 8, you can mod the game. 

Download s4s: The Game (SOURCE)

The previous Gamefig threads are here:

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Hit "left" to go left.

Hit "right" to go right.

Hit "up" to jump.

Hit "down" to go to the next level once you reach the end of the level, or to go through warp pipes.

S4s game GET

The first recorded in-game GET

Hit "space" to fire.

Hit "R" to restart the game.

Hit "M" to toggle the music.

Hit "L" to create a lel.

The Top Gun hat power-up lets you double-jump.

The mug power-up lets you shoot donuts.

Known ErrorsEdit

On computers with an Intel i5 processor or any other processor with relatively slow speeds, the game will stop working about half way through Level 3.

Pressing "shift" while on the first level, and pressing "enter" on the last level (4th) will trigger a "Fatal Error" message.


Pressing "enter" will bring you forward a level, while pressing "shift" will bring you back one.

If you go through the Coca-Cola Vanilla Warp Pipe, you can keep all the items you gain (coffee gun, top lel hat, and ananamoose) when using the 1st listed exploit.


The "R" key was
The post that confirmed it all

The post that confirmed what "R" did

used to switch rooms during development.

Anon thought he broke the game. "Fatal Error" for pressing the R key


On September 10, Gamefig revealed himself to also be Urist McDwarf and the Blimp creator.

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