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The [s4s] Dispatch (Originally /s4s/ Dispatch) is a weekly newspaper written by the community. It made its debut on August 29, 2013 after the s4s Tribune was kill. The editor was initially Urist McDwarf, but was later changed to Kekkats after Urist quit. The [s4s] Dispatch features OC, news, opinions, interviews and other columns. It was put on hiatus during April 2014, but returned on February 4, 2015.

According to s4s Thread #2599593[1] and OhioCremation.org[2], Urist died in 2013. He also created the Blimp meme and was involved in s4s: the Game.


You can reach the Chief Editor at dispatch@kekkats.com.

Previous Issues[]

All Dispatch issues can be found at http://dispatch.kekkats.com/.

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