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The [s4s] national soccer team is a provisional team competing in the 4chan Cup, a football tournament simulated is Pro Evolution Soccer.


Early historyEdit

The [s4s] national soccer team played their first match on July 12, 2013, against the /gd/ board in the 2013 Summer Cup Friendlies. A total of 301 fans witnessed the new team go 3-0 down before Shrek grabbed a consolation goal, which turned out to be their first goal in their club history.

[s4s] met /b/ eight days later in another 2013 Summer Cup Friendly. The match, packed with action and butthurt on the /b/ side, saw [s4s] grab their first win in their history with a 1-0 win. Quads scored the only goal of the game, in the 22nd minute (>22 >dubs nice).

In the 2013 Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies, [s4s] travelled to /an/. Unfortunately, the [s4s] team were unable to stop the might of /an/, going down 2-0.

A week later, [s4s] met /fa/ in another friendly match. [s4s] grabbed their second win with another 1-0 victory, the only goal coming from Shrek in the 36th minute. The match will, however, be remembered for the goalkeeping feats of Doge, who denied /fa/ from the penalty spot after a contentious penalty decision midway through the first half.

2013 Autumn Babby CupEdit

[s4s] started their first cup campaign in Group E, alongside /pol/, /cgl and /r9k/. In their first game, [s4s] took a surprising 1-0 lead over /pol/ with a goal from Shrek, but lost the lead five minutes later to Jews. A Stormfront goal with ten minutes to play saw /pol/ take the points.

In their second game, against /cgl/, the s4squatches fell 1-0 down after a goal by Kipi, but Shrek equalised halfway into the second half to secure [s4s] their first points of the campaign.

Their third and final game was to be one of the games of the group stages, with an exciting 4-4 draw against /r9k/. After Robot9001 gave the betafigs a 1-0 lead after just two minutes, Shrek responded, before Kissless Virgin made it 2-1 to /r9k/. Shrek immediately responded, giving [s4s] a 2-2 draw going into halftime. Shrek then gained his hattrick and double brace by the midway point of the second half, and it looked like [s4s] were going to the next round. Sadly, two goals by Robot9001 sent [s4s] back to the provisionals and /cgl/ gained a 4-3 victory over /pol/, confining [s4s] to the bottom and seeing /cgl/ through. Shrek was undoubtedly [s4s]'s player of the tournament, having scored all their Babby Cup goals.

2014 Winter Cup FriendliesEdit

Despite not qualifying for the Winter Cup, [s4s] played two friendlies with /vg/ and /trv/, losing 1-0 and drawing 1-1 respectively.

2014 Spring Babby CupEdit

[s4s] manager DoubleNigger (rude name, check your privilege manager) made various swaps and changes, including the addition of new keeper Purple Palm Tree Man. The addition of the board's girl, [s4s]-tan, as a gold second striker, will provide gender equality for the team to show that girls can play alongside men :^). Also [s4s]-tan is cute, that's why she's in lel.

Due to the cancellation of the qualifiers, [s4s] were immediately drawn in Group B with /o/, /tv/, /vr/ and /hr/. Against /o/, [s4s] lost 2-1, their only goal coming from a 90th minute consolation by debutant [s4s]-tan. In their next match, [s4s] took on /tv/ and, despite two goals from Bateman and one from [s4s]-tan, they were only able to equalize three times and salvage a 3-3 draw. [s4s] finally tasted their first cup victory against /vr/, with the only goal of the came coming from Bateman in the first half.

With one game to go, [s4s] needed to win against top of the table /hr/ to confirm their place in Summer. The signs looked good early as Bateman gave [s4s] a 13th minute lead. The manager then went into full all 20s panic mode after just 53 minutes when /hr/ drew level with a goal by >1000x1000. With tensions intensifying, Bateman responded and gave [s4s] a 2-1 lead with 19 minutes left. After numerous attacks by /hr/, the >PES referee blew the final whistle, confirming [s4s]'s place in their first elite tournament and sending them through to the knockout stages, topping Group B in the process.

With the new cup draw system in place, [s4s] were drawn at home with the ever improving /ic/ side for the Round of 16. Sadly, their cup run came to an end as /ic/ BLEW [S4S] THE FUG OUT 5-0.

2014 Summer Cup FriendliesEdit

Now qualified for Summer, DoubleNigger set out to experiment with some tactics to put in place for the team, now competing with THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST of 4cc. Two friendlies were organized with /lgbt/ and /hm/ as such.

On May 31, [s4s] took on /lgbt/ in the CHECKB OWL. Patrick Bateman gave [s4s] the lead with a, surprise surprise, 33rd minute goal (dubs nice). Alfred Kinsey later scored at the 62nd minute mark of the game to equalize. With the World Cup almost ready, #fortune's fortune was English Goalkeeping as he let CIS Scum's hopeless throughball slip past him and into the back of the net, consigning [s4s] to a 2-1 loss.

A week later, [s4s] took on /hm/ in what would be Disturbia's final match as /hm/ manager. This time, the [s4s]quatches took over the match, with based second striker [s4s]-tan firing two goals within 5 minutes late in the first half. A late goal by Bearforce proved to be a consolation as [s4s] took out their second friendly 2-1.

2014 Summer CupEdit

The draw will take place on July 5. [s4s] are in Pot 4 with /gd/, /wsg/, /po/, /lgbt/, /hr/, /k/ and /ck/. Get hyp :^)


First choice:Edit

No. Player Position
1 Le Purple Palm Tree Man Goalkeeper
22 Dubs Centre Back
33 Reply Record Centre Back
50 Fignewton Right Back
2 Donut Man Left Back
4 Walruse Right Midfielder
76 Le Pig Shig Left Midfielder
7 Top Kek Centre Midfielder - SILVER
44 [s4s]-tan Second Striker - GOLD
66 Patrick Bateman Centre Forward - GOLD
99 Shrek Attacking Midfielder - SILVER


No. Player Position
3 Doge Goalkeeper
20 #fortune Goalkeeper
43  :^) Centre Back
4 Potlel (Currently on loan from /sp/) Centre Back
16 My OC Left Back
18 Funposting Right Back
69 Froge Right Midfielder
55 Ebin Right Midfielder
101 Deleted April 1st Right Midfielder
24 Birds Are Not That Important Left Midfielder
88 Stolen Get Left Midfielder
11 Gippo Dudee Left Midfielder
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