spooky mirrored smily face was first seen on s4s as an alternative to normal face on the 11/26/2013 invented by newfig Ponk




>Meme Tutorial: Subject: Spooky Mirror Smile :v)

- A Keyboard
-Critical Thinking
-Readiness for ebin kek's

First a person has to find the Shift key which was first seen on the Remington No. 2 Type-Writer of 1878 on they're typewriter or keyboard.
This is a modifier key which allows the other keys to turn into other wacky things :vD
Now that you have found it hold it down!
Ok, now look for the smile dot eyes keys
It is situated above the the smile wink dot eyes key. The shift key allows you to access it! Spooky :v)

Now here is the kicker:
Instead of the crazy upnose we will be looking for the crazy down nose.
Let go of the shift key for now.
Now the tricky part about this is that the down nose button is disguised as another key. In the science community we call this the hiding effect(I hope you enjoy those extra neutrons in your brain :v))
It is actually a v. Press it and you will see it turns into a nose as if it is magic.

Ok, we are halfway there.
Now see if you can hold the shift key down again.
Now find 0 :v)
If you are holding down shift and click it, it lops the angry side off. Amazing!

And you are done :v) *double waving hands excitedly*


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