The Weekly Peek was post peeker's [s4s] newspaper, starting in early 2015 and ending in mid-2017. It had 130 issues.

Legacy Edit

During its lifetime, the Weekly Peek inspired the creation of several other newspapers. The first of them was the Calvin Times, which was a short-lived newspaper that appeared in the spring of 2015. The second one was the Weekly Poke which was released irregularly from the summer of 2016 to June 2017, when the Weekly Peek stopped being published.

After post peeker stopped working on the Weekly Peek and released the last issue, many new newspapers were created to fill the void. Some of these are the Weekly Dongle, A Paper, the Rabbit Post, the Big Rage, and the Voice Inside Your Paper.

As of August 2017, the Weekly Peek is still the longest-running newspaper with a regular release schedule in the history of [s4s] journalism. If a regular newspaper started in late June 2017 (no other regular papers existed at the time of the Peek's demise) were to surpass it in running time, a new issue of it would have to be released regularly until December 2019.

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