Top Gun (also known as Top Gun Hat) is a 2011 maymay originating from the TV sitcom Workaholics. In one episode, the character Adam DeMamp wears the iconic baseball cap. The hat got popularity outside the show and the rest is history.

Not to be confused with that ebin 1986 movie.
Top gun

The original Top Gun hat, as seen in Workaholics.

On /sp/Edit

The meme was combined with Lel in 2013, and Top Lel was born.

On [s4s] and /r9k/Edit

[s4s] Edit

In 2013 and 2014, the hat became a snowclone, starting several "Top X" memes, such as Top kek, Top Ramen and Top Leek. Eventually, it spawned the ultimate "Top X" snowclone, TOP TOP, in October 2014.

Top Lel moved from /sp/ to [s4s] sometime in 2013.

Namefig and meme post peeker has owned a Top Peek hat since October 2014. He occasionally wears it.

Several pictures of Doge wearing a Top Doge hat also exist.

/s4s/-tan is known to have a huge collection of "Top X" hats, including but not limited to Top Cute, Top Wew, and Top Party. As of 2016, she still keeps getting more new hats.

A Top Leap hat was posted on the leap day of 2016.

/r9k/ Edit

/r9k/-tan and Wojak are seen wearing a Top Feel hat.

Both Boards Edit

Smug Wojak sometimes wears and tips a Top Feel hat.

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