Top lel

Top lel


mmm u n me babe

Top Lel is the toppest of all lels.

Topping the LelEdit

Top Lel was created on 4chen's /sp/ - /s/hit /p/osting board as simply lel. Lel was later improved into Top Lel by placing the crown of lel on his wonderflely regal head.

Effecting /s4s/Edit

After Lel evolved into Top Lel, he later became embossed in /s4s/ history with many threads, deriatives, and lels.

Rumored DeathEdit

It was talked about for years. The death of our great Top Lel. Rumors spread fast of Top Lel drowning in a vat of chocolate milk. However, after many tears were shed, it was proven that Top Lel did not drown, the real drown-ee was Kiwi disguised as Top Lel.ELSŐ MAGYAR VAGYOK ITT PLS IRATKOZZ FEL ITT A LINK:

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