Top Ramen is the official food of [s4s], and is partners with Kek, the official snack of [s4s]. Top Ramen was introduced to [s4s] through Huekek.


This is Top Ramen.


For a long time, I have eaten Top Ramen every day, without noticing its name's similarity to "Top Gun", "Top Lel", or "Topkek". However, one day, as I gazed upon the package of Top Ramen I was about to cook, I noticed how much its name sounds like "Topkek", and realized how great Top Ramen is.

Topkek is important for many reasons, and we love it dearly. Topkek is multiculturalism and tolerance. Even though topkek is a turkish food, we love it. Kek is very significant in the philosophical field of lels and tops. In the game World of Warcraft, "kek" is orcish for "lol". And "kek" is very similar to an alternative to dubs known as "nubs," which emerged on /b/ shortly before /b/ died and [s4s] was born. In nubs, the last number and the third-to-last number are the same, and the second-to-last number is different (example:323), and kek is like nubs, but with letters!

You might not know what topkek's philosophical significance has to do with Top Ramen, you might wonder why Top Ramen should be made a le epic may may. Top Ramen should be a meme because it, like topkek, is delicious, and it, like topkek, shows, through its name that it is the best at what it does, that it is top gun, that it is the Top Ramen. And, like topkek, Top Ramen gives you choice, maybe even more choice than topkek. Top Ramen, like topkek, gives you the choice of many different flavors, and you can put as many noodle packets, or as many flavor packets, as you want in the pot when cooking, like how you can choose how much topkek to eat. However, unlike topkek, it is very easy to mix the flavors together when cooking, and you can eat just the flavor, without any noodles (or the noodles without any flavor), and, unlike topkek, you can choose how long to cook the Top Ramen.

One more reason Top Ramen is great, is because emblazoned on every package is the phrase "Oodles of Noodles".

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