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ur momEdit

also known in the uk as ur "mum" for some stupid reason, ur mom is so dumb, she tripped over a cordless phone. Ur mom is widely known across the 7 continents (especially upside-down land) to resemble a gun, because all she needs is 2 cocks and she's loaded. However, some experts argue that she is like a vacuum cleaner, because she sucks, blows, gets laid in the closet, and this one time when I was 11 I tried to use her to simulate oral sex.

jokes about ur momEdit

in real irl factuality "ur mom" is infinitexinfinite% the best insult/witticism/edgy respond/defeater to any and/or every thing who what where when why how evar forevar, be it with something else (i.g for.example "ur and indiot btw ur mom") and/or/if simply by in and of and so and such itself - this is necessarily an absolute necessary a priori analytical deductive objective mind-independent self-justifying self-authenticating self-attesting self-evident universal immutable irreducible incontestable inviolable inescapable axiomatic truth. btw ur mom

Things that ur mom isEdit

  • a person
  • a person
  • a person
  • a whore
  • A little bitch
  • smelly
  • ur mom
  • bullshit
  • asshole
  • dickhead
  • dick
  • mother fucker
  • gay
  • a filthy kike
  • nice tbh
  • lole
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