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Posting le maymay that started it all

Welcome to the head of the Tsuuan corporation. Please, take a seat!

Attention: as of July 25th 2014, all ties to the exact posting name "Tsuua" are now defunct. It now just acts as a copypasta for copyposters, which is sometimes a bretty gud meme. After No.2316629 however, the namefig is kill.

An unabridged archive of his personal 4chan folder is located here. He did not screen this so there are probably many works in progress.

Posting my very first OC :,^)

And as always, you can track his archive on 4plebs.

His very last post? No.2316730 :'^)


However, even though "Tsuua" is kill, he did say he liked to post under other names... ;^)


I started namefigging April 27th 2014, and wew laddie I've come a long way. I made a bunch of Topkek memes, checked le dubs, and made an OC meme I'm most proud of:

Fug, walked in on It :^DDDDDDD

But of course, there's a whole bunch of stuff you can see on 4plebs.org if you just search my name. But beware, there's been a lot of other funposters who "accidentally" have used the namefig to copypasta ironically ;^(

But, all chills and spills factored in, I fuggen love this board. Even though I'll be taking breaks every once in a while, I will continue to contribute unto it with only the toppest of kek!

This is stuff I'm fuggen proud of:[]

The stuff I'll be fuggen proud of once I bring myself around to making it:[]

[s4s] theme park:

It's still confirmed..! Is it? I have no clue, I just really like the idea and maybe some day I'll have time for it. Right now I have a lot of things on my hands so I can't get to making this ebin point-and-clicky game yet, but one day it might just become a reality!

The basic rundown is that you're exploring the [s4s] theme park in sections, so for example one sequence of events is at a roller coaster, another is in a sp00py house, and all that jazz. After the end of each "level" I'll show a code so you can go on to the next one whenever or something, since I have no clue how saving a game works. I don't even know how to code usable items yet, so it's safe to say it's a long way off! Maybe I'll start again this summer, who knows?


"Personalityfigs" is an umbrella term for other names I've posted under on [s4s]. Even though they all have a little different of posting patterns, ironically or not, I still intend for them to identify as Tsuua in the end ;^)

The first personalities: In this thread, I reveal my first personalityfigs who were created in the reply record thread. Later, when I reveal this ruse to Fantra and [s4s], everybody was surprised at how insane this had gotten. I also mentioned that there were many more personalityfigs in use, and that they'd have to find the rest on their own.

Cilantra: Cilantra was the first personalityfig revealed that wasn't on purpose. Cilantra was a namefig who was borderline rude and referred to himself in the third person. I accidentally reveal him in No.2303884 when I talk like Cilantra under the name Tsuua.  However, I think I'm still going to keep rusing as Cilantra since this was a minor mishap, and plus it's pretty fun.


These are the namefigs that are post-Tsuua. This is me just not wanting to post under that name again since I pretty much shigged it up, so I use other fun names to freshen things up so to speak.

Terriyaki: After Christmas, I started going on [s4s] again and saw that it had really changed from when I left. Even though a lot of other namefigs had announced their departure from the board, it seemed to have cleaned up a LOT. So, I started posting as Terriyaki (I don't really know why, it's the very first thing that came to mind) and just stuck with it. I talked with Akari on Omegle once and told her about it, so I think her and Kekkats are the only ones who *officially* know it. But since you're reading this, you know it too!

As Terriyaki, I made an update to GPTA and got some really nice fuggen clear sexts on /lit/. However, after no.3053746, le Sacred Deer meme told me it was time to move on - to move on to a new namefig. I was always told that I should open my ass, and my heart and mind will follow. Now where would I be if I never listened to memes?

Absolute Tangerines: I'm really not sure why/how I chose this name, but I started using it on spoopy Friday the 13th (not sure why I chose that date either, could've sworn it was earlier but the archive begs to differ). This name hasn't really done much of anything, however I have had trouble adjusting to the unusually high amount of newfags and unironic posters. Oh well, I guess maybe the board's changing towards what I originally envisioned it to be when I was Tsuua all the way a year ago. Perhaps, perhaps.

Takki: I actually would have forgotten this little dude even happened if it weren't for a subtle reference to some "Takki appreciation thread" I left in a notepad about GPTA-pending memes. As far as I know, I probably did this because I didn't feel like posting as Terriyaki but then must've forgotten about the whole thing after the oldfig memes thread. And come to think of it I'm not even an oldfig so this is like waking up drunk in a Denny's parking lot to me.