/s4s/ Wiki

I finally got something to write about in this ITB blog. Today, I added some templates to [s4s] Wiki. I thought they would make it cooler, danker, and more ebin. :^) Thanks to Template Wiki and Sandbox Wiki (and some own work), we now have the following templates:

  • Quote: This is to put quotes on pages. Even though the template allows anonymous quoting, it would still be nice to know whose thoughts are being borrowed. It is possible to also put a source in the template, i.e. where and when the quote was originally said.
  • Notice Box: This is a generic notice box.
    • This is nice page: This is meant to be used on nice pages, on articles that Bury Pink Girl would love.
    • Trigger Warning: Use this on pages that you think potentially may upset some readers, such as on those about controversial subjects.
    • Current event: This is used on pages that describe current events. Information about these may change rapidly. The template is good e.g. for timeline pages.
  • Correct Title: Put this on top of pages that have incorrect titles due to technical restrictions. Don't forget to put in the correct title as a template parameter. ;^)

I may or may not add more.

And finally, one last thing: I'm not the admin of this wiki, JUST an enthusiastic contributor.