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It's been exactly 2 months since I've started on the board. Wau. Such a long time has passed in such a short period, and now I'm finding myself growing into more and more of an oldfig. Of course, I'm not as popular as I'd like yet, but I'm definitely doing and have done some bretty exciting things in my time on the board.

Recently, as stated, I've been stepping up my game to be recognized. My plan? To do completely unprecedented things in such a unique and impressive manner that I'll become essential to the board! My first jab at this was the [s4s] Guide for Newfigs, and a few hours ago I published a "completed" Greatest Possible Tactical Achievement  version on the wiki. Now let me tell you, those hours slaved over researching for the guide and finding memes to implement in GPTA were well worth it. You may think GPTA's name is haphazard and fairly random, but think of it this way: it was indeed a tactic. A tactic for me to be remembered once my life actually begins and I can't post on the boards all day.

Upcoming projects include the [s4s] theme park, which is still confirmed and planned out, just not started. There's also a more recent project I plan to start on when I wake up: The Essential Tsuua. It's a magazine that is based off of my posts over the past month, and I conglomerate them into a nice magazine full of well-written articles and fun sections. Although technically it's centered around me and me alone, you'll find some good humor that we can all relate to. The monthly magazines will not only be fun to make, but fun to publish since I'll be able to share a bit of my amazing [s4s] experience with others.

It's 1:20AM now, I should get some sleep so I can wake up and start on the June magazine edition already. I have some of the cover page done and just about all the content laid out, so I just need to organize the sections more and put main headlines on the front. So yes, I'm essentailly forcing myself to be a slave to the board, but my work ethic and rewarding experience make it all worth my while.


Damien Tsuua