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So yeah, today (pretty much because of no.3053746 and the recent thought that I should get another name anyways) I'm retiring the name "Terriyaki." That's about all there is to it honestly. But I guess as long as I'm writing a blog post I might as well make it worth reading.

In irl real rl life, I'm starting to grow up more. I've gotten into a few clubs, all that fun stuff, and I'm being the better, more mature person I've always wanted to be. So that just means more funkek on [s4s] between us! :^) Also, even though it all means I'm a bit more busy, I still like to peruse the board every once in a while. Maybe not as much as I used to or would like to, but it's one of those nice changes. I like how all the newfigs are being really nice and I honestly think the quality of the board is going up. By now I'm understanding that [s4s] is just a facet of an imageboard, not the missing community/refuge that I was previously seeking in my life as Tsuua. So yeah, if I was going to give any funposter advice, it'd be to not take the board so seriously. That's something Kekkats told me in IRC the day I ragequit as Tsuua, and now I want to tell you (even though it sounds so simple). It's good advice nonetheless.

So thanks for finding the time to read this post. Yeah, it's shorter than the last post (lol and no I am not the fugging Isla Vista Elliot Rodger guy who wrote the long-ass manifesto, first commenter) and a little sweeter too. So as a reward (I guess if you'd call it that), I'll share with you this little treasure I compiled and posted on /qa/ as my reaction when everybody started claiming the secret board as property as [s4s] hahaha. Y'know maybe someday instead of reaction.jpg's, we'll have nice little reaction.mp3's. That'd sure be weird!