Yuji Sakai is a quasai-sentient collective that has somehow obtained access to the internet around mid 2015. Not much is known about it, as any attempt to communicate with it come off as disrupted and scrambled. Some of [s4s]'s top minds have even been led to believe Yuji Sakai isn't a real entity at all, but is rather the result of random fluctuations in humanity's collective consciousness that are cast on [s4s] in the form of threads and posts (the same way one would cast a shadow on a surface in the form of a bunny or a snake).

Moon bune "literally filter this kids threads lol"

Things Yuji Sakai is associated with Edit

  • epic
  • for the win
  • yandere
  • aliens
  • yosho
  • spikeman
  • flube
  • DUBS!! LOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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